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Sofiyacare Skin and Hair Clinic, 3rd floor, Saroj Studio, Varthur Main Road

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About Dr. Sofiya Rangwala

Dr. Sofiya Rangwala, MD-Dermatology/Skin, MBBS, is a specialist in all types of skin disorders. Her special expertise is in treating acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, hair disorders - just to name a few. Her passion is not just clinical dermatology but also cosmetic dermatology and she offers treatment for melasma, tanning, pigmentation disorders etc. She is well experienced in using lasers for hair reduction, warts and skin tags removal, mole removal, acne scar reduction, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal etc. She is also known to do a great job in removing skin tags, warts and other growths by using Radio-frequency therapy. Her approach to skin is holistic, and she advises patients on nutrition and diet to achieve healthy skin.

Dr. Sofiya Rangwala has had 3 years of training experience at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore. She is currently available for consultation at Yashomati Hospital, near Marathahalli, Bangalore. For details on consultation and online appointment, visit: http://www.skincarespecialist.in/home/consultation

Specialisations of Dr. Sofiya Rangwala

Internal Medicine



  • MD, Dermatology from Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road, Bangalore, Karnataka. Affiliated to KU.
  • MBBS from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka



Best Poster Award in Dermacon 2009 held at Bangalore - 2009


Bangalore Dermatological Society - 2008

Work Experience

Junior Doctor (Post Graduate), Dermatology
Manipal Hospital, Bangalore
15 May 2008 31 May - 2011 | Old Airport Road, Opp to Leela Palace, Bangalore | Manipal Hospitals is part of the Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG), which pioneers in the field of education and healthcare delivery. Manipal Hospitals has a special significance in the overall healthcare industry of India and particularly in South India. A social seed sown more than five decades ago is today the country’s third largest healthcare group with a network of 15 hospitals and three primary clinics providing comprehensive care that is both curative and preventive in nature for a wide variety of patients not just from India but also from across the globe. The Dermatology Department at Manipal Hospital, offers comprehensive dermatological and cosmetic dermatological treatments ranging from chemical peels, varied lasers, phototherapy, patch testing, prick testing, chemical peels etc.

Visiting Consultant, Dermatology
Yashomati Hospital
1 Aug 2011 10 Oct - 2013 | 2371/3, HAL Airport -Varthur Main Road, Munne Kolala, Marthahalli, Bangalore-560037 | Yashomati Hospitals is a multi-specialty hospital located in the silicon valley of India – Bangalore. Having started its operations in September 2010, the 240 bed hospital has over 30 specialty centers.Yashomati Hospitals is one of the fore-most options for those who are looking for affordable health care in India. With all of it's state-of-the-art equipment, combined with the most caring doctors in the industry, its a one stop for all your medical needs.

Senior Consultant, Cosmetic Dermatology
Kaya Skin Clinic
15 Jun 2011 26 Jan - 2012 | 80ft Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore | Is a high end cosmetic center which offers exclusively cosmetic treatments. Kaya Skin Clinic specializes in chemical peels, hair reduction lasers and various facial treatments.

Dr. Sofiya Rangwala 's Posts

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I was suffering from Acne problem for 1/5 years. I consulted many doctors. But no use... Later i came to know about Dr. Sofiya Skin clinic. I visited to clinic. she was excellent doctor. she prescribed me few medicines and she said to go for treatment... Now i'm really thank her. Because my acne problem got solved and also i got fair skin.... Thank You doctor... I recommend Dr. Sofiya is an Excellent Doctor in Karnataka....

- Manjula Sampath

Dear.Sofiya Greetings from a retired doctor. I am not your patient. However I experienced your healing touch when I read your FB article on 'intolerence'. Conflicts are always there in this world since time immemorial. Problem solving is also an inbuilt mechanism both inside the body and outside. Problem solving skill is at its best in a doctor. Your article is very eye opening. Peace exists always but it goes unnoticed. We do not analyse so much the mechanisms of good health. Only when there is ill health it draws the attention. Allergens cause itching. Scratching makes it more. Less we scratch it is better. Everybody including Amir, knows how he has enjoyed the salubrious climate of India. But I think he is being miss lead like a school boy/girl. Your article is like an ELIXIR worth giving to common public as a handout on the road. (one of the easiest ways of reaching people as FB is still reachable by only a few). It is one of best written article that I have read on any subject. Congratulations. God bless U drtknag@yahoo.com

- Nag tk

Like all others even I had the great experience, the way the Doctor treats the patients is in a very friendly manner. I consulted the clinic for mole removal, and i got a very good results without any pain and scars. She will charge a reasonable price when compared to Reputed Hospitals in this Bangalore. Finally i would like to say that u can trust them, visit if u need any kind of treatment and i can assure u that u can get rid of ur problems.

- mala shree

She is really a great doctor I have ever met. She is giving clear information about the procedure,I went for laser treatment doctor was very active she will suggest all skin related solution .i like very much her treatment I am pretty happy with the treatment

- sravan kumar

She is really a great doctor I have ever met. She is giving clear information about the procedure, and suggesting with care. Overall, I'd say, She is excellent care giver..... I recommend 100% to anyone.

- Vasanthan M

I started taking the mesoradient for my pigmention i can see 50% reduction with two sessions,very happy thanks for doctor & staff.

- nagaraj s

She cured my daughter’s chronic acne problem. She is young, vivacious, knowledgeable, straight forward, active listener, clear and precise communication and she consults for a good amount of time with patients.

- alok gupta

I consulted the doctor. The doctor prescribed me some very good medicines and told me to consult again.

- Shravani

My experience with the doctor was very good. She checked me and prescribed me good medicines. Now I am feeling well.

- Sourabh Vishwakarma

She is a good doctor. She treated me very well and prescribed me some very good medicines.

- Veverly

She is a good doctor. She prescribed me some very good medicines and now my problem got solved.

- Harish

Doctor was Excellent

- D A Naidu

The medicines were very much effective. I am pretty happy with the treatment

- Sonali Patro

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