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Managing Your Health Is Not Easy

  • I looked up my symptoms
    online & I think may be ill?
  • What was it that doctor
    said about this medication?
  • I'm too busy
    to get a checkup
  • I need an easier way
    to track my health
  • Now where did I put
    that test report
  • I need a second opinion
    on my diagnosis

To save time, costs and your health you need

A way to Stay Connected with Your Doctor

Your doctor can monitor your health even between hospital visits.

Update your health readings like your blood pressure, weight, blood glucose etc no matter where you are. Your doctor can review that and respond to you in accordance with your personalised health needs.

A way to Track Your Health

Manage your health from your smart-phone.

Access and update your health data from anywhere, when you are at office, eating out or travelling and share it with your doctor.

Keep All Your Health Data in One Place

Still struggling with paper records?

Store all your health data in one place, access and update it anytime and share it with your doctor. It's easy, convenient and a life saver in emergency.

Ask Questions to Real Doctors

Questions answered by medical experts online.

We all have health-related questions, either about ourselves or loved ones. Searching online for answers can be confusing.Ask a real doctor.

So What Are You Waiting for?

Join NeedStreet today to take charge of your health.

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