Continuous Care Online and mHealth apps in India for doctors and patients

Health Questions

Ask real doctors with access to your personal health data, about your health concerns.

Video Consultations

Schedule Video Consultations with your doctor for followups when you are travelling or away.

Remote Monitoring

Your doctors can monitor health data that you track with your personal health devices.

Personal Health Record

Maintain all your health data in one easily accessible place. You can choose to make it accessible to your doctors.

My Doctors

NeedStreet provides you with a way to get all your doctors working as a team, with an integrated view of your health.


Book appointments with your doctors and also get notifications when they set appointments for you.

To save time, costs and your health you need

A way to Stay Connected with Your Doctor

Your doctor can monitor your health even between hospital visits.

Update your health readings like your blood pressure, weight, blood glucose etc no matter where you are. Your doctor can review that and respond to you in accordance with your personalised health needs.

Online health records and mobile healthcare

A way to Track Your Health

Log health readings and variations in your health

Use trackers and the health journal to track health readings and variations in your health condition. Review it yourself and share it with your doctors. This helps you to stay on track with prescribed treatments and health goals.

mHealth app to track your health and communicate with doctors

Keep All Your Health Data in One Place

More convenient than paper records

Store all your health data in one place, access and update it anytime and share it with your doctor. It's easy, convenient and a life saver in emergency.

Easy Followup with Video Consultations

Schedule video consultations with your doctor

A convenient way to follow up when you are travelling or away for long periods of time. The doctor has access to your health data during the consultation. You will receive a Consultation Summary at the end of the session.

Currently available only in the web app. Coming soon on mobile.

Online and mobile healthcare with doctor video consultations

Ask Questions to Real Doctors

Questions answered by medical experts online

We all have health-related questions, either about ourselves or loved ones. Searching online for answers can be confusing. Ask a real doctor. Having access to your health data helps in providing relevant answers.

Online and mobile doctor consultations

Enable Your Doctors to Work as a Team

An integrated view of your health

Wouldn't it be great if all your different doctors could be on the same page about your health condition and treatment? Well now they can, no matter where they practice. All they need is a free Virtual Practicefrom NeedStreet.

Find doctors on the best mobile healthcare service in India

So get started with the Continuous Care app

Available on Android , iOS and the Web.

Get Started

Why your doctor needs a Virtual Practice

A Virtual Practice enables healthcare providers to stay connected to their patients by enabling them to

Set up Remote Monitoring programmes for their patients

Hold Video Consultations for patients who may need a quick followup when away

Answer health related questions from patients at their convenience

Manage appointment requests and also set appointments for their patients

Publish health tips and updates for their patients

Help your doctors to stay connected to you by telling them about the Virtual Practice

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