Dr. Divya Sharma


M.B.B.S, M.D.

7 years of experience
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About Dr. Divya Sharma

Dr. Divya Sharma works as a Consultant Dermatologist at Multispeciality Hospitals. She also consults at Yashomati Hospital, Brookefield Hospital and St John Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore. She pursued her Graduation from the Government Medical College, Srinagar after which she went on to complete her MD in Dermatology Residency Program. She has wide experience working in various institutions . She is a Gold Medalist from the Himachal Pradesh University. She also won the best Poster Award, Dermacon 2010. She is a member of various Associations like the Indian Medical Association. Dr Divya is completely equipped to handle latest dermatological devices and she is an expert in Mesotherapy, Chemical Peel, Laser Hair Removal, Dermaroller, Vitiligo Treatment, Hairloss Treatment, Anti Aging Treatment and much more. To meet Dr. Divya and to consult her online visit
MBBS from Government Medical College
Doctor of Medicine (MD), Dermatology Residency Program from Indira Gandhi Government Medical College Shimla


Gold Medal - 2007
Himachal Pradesh University


Clinico-investigative Profile of Patients of Hirsutism in a Tertiary Level Institution - 2012
Prospective study in tertiary hospital to study the clinical, biochemical characteristics of Hirsutism patients and other associations
Tackling hairloss in a scientific way - 2013
A scientific approach to dealing with hairloss
More Info about Dr. Divya Sharma
Specialist category: Dermatologist
Specialisations of Dr. Divya Sharma
Internal Medicine
  • Dermatology
Work Experience
Consultant Dermatologist
Yashomati Hospitals
1 Mar 2013 - Present
Marathalli Bangalore
Yashomati Hospitals is a 240 bed Super Specialty Hospital & a tertiary care centre with all modern amenities and state of the art medical equipments
Consultant Dermatologist
Brookefield Hospital
1 Feb 2013 - Present
Kundalahalli Bangalore
Consultant Dermatologist
VitaLife Clinics
1 Mar 2013 - Present
AECS layout
Senior Registrar
St John Medical College and Hospital
1 Jul 2011 - 1 Mar 2013
Koramangala, Bangalore
Established in 1963 St.John's Medical College Hospital is a tertiary medical service centre with 1200 beds. It offers specialty and super specialty services, including state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities.

Dr. Divya Sharma's Blog

  • How to prevent photoageing: premature ageing of skin on exposure to UV rays

    Essentials of skin care during summers and How to prevent premature ageing

  • Woman's Day Special

    Few tips every woman should know in her journey to a better womanhood

  • Dry Skin In Children 'Atopic Dermatitis'

    Most of the parents are troubled by the dry skin condition of their children. In my blog , I have tried to explain the basics of this condition which should help parents to take care of their child's skin in a better way.

  • If you are suffering from Hand eczema

    Come winter season and starts the endless misery of dryness especially involving the hands. A lot of patients suffering from hand eczemas and allergic rashes come to my practice. Here I write an information leaflet about the practices they should be following to prevent recurrence.http://skinandhair...

  • Frequently asked questions about child skin care

    Most of the young parents have been insisting that I write about 'Baby skin care'. In this blog I have tried to write about the frequently asked questions about child skin care . I am beginning with the cleansing and bathing practices following which we will tackle common pediatric skin issues.Happy...

  • Acne Myths Busted: Most common myths surrounding acne and scientific explanation

    Published by Dr. Divya Sharma Acne, or more commonly referred to as pimple or zits, is a skin condition that affects about 80% of the people, at least once in a lifetime. Although, being a common problem, the information regarding this is pretty much scarce. I wish to share some of the most common m...

  • Seven most frequently asked questions on Urticaria

    The most common skin condition that I come across, during my everyday dermatology practice in my clinic, is Urticaria. My patients usually feel defeated and distressed due to this particular skin condition and its problematic nature. I would like to share some views and provide answers to certain fr...

  • How to keep your skin glowing during summers ? Summer care tips for skin

    The hot summer days are usually a nightmare for those who really care for their skin, for it's during that time of the year, the face gets a lot more oily and sweaty, compared to the rest of the seasons. People basking in the hot sun of Bangalore really need to go in for that extra care to keep thei...

  • Pityriasis Alba - The pale white spots: FAQs

    Posted by Dr. Divya Sharma This condition of the skin, translated as Scaly (Pityriasis) Pale (alba) patches, is usually found as pale white patches present on the face, neck and upper arms of the affected person. In some stages of the condition, the patches appear slightly red, sometimes with a fin...

  • Testimonials

    Kushal Singh
    I love her blog she is a new age doctor who is connected with her patients!
    Ankita Oomen
    I was looking for a pediatric dermatologist for my daughter who developed unusual rash on her chest. Dr Divya was very methodical in approach she made a diagnosis and to allay my fears even made me talk to the pediatrician. Next day she called up to enquire the progress, her treatment has worked well and my five year loves her
    Tanya Gupta
    I have been having unexplained hairloss, and started seeing Dr Divya for past 2 months. Her treatment has worked, I noticed she has done lot of research in the field of hair and trichology that's why I decided to meet her. The hairloss has been arrested, I feel more confident now.
    Mary Parera
    I had severe acne and had been to multiple doctors before, with a simple look and a few questions Dr Divya was able to diagnosis and come up with several options to combat the issue at hand. while explaining the risks and benefits of different treatment options. My face looks much better and acne is under control.
    Akash Mehta
    I have acne and Dr Divya is an expert in acne. My skin looks so much better! I noticed it clearing up about a month! Before prescribing me any medications, Dr Divya asked me questions about my acne history and what methods I've already used. she also mentioned if I was uncomfortable taking an oral prescription and offered an alternative. Few months later I added getting a microdermabrasion which is helping the scarring that are on my cheeks.
    Sirisha R
    I consulted Dr Divya for a medical reason, rather than a cosmetic one, Dr Divya gave me excellent consultation, she was very kind, caring and listened to all I had to say.
    Nishtha S
    I was recommended to Dr Divya by a friend and I am so happy! She is very knowledgable, nice and helpful!

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