Don't let the pain hold you back

ContinuousCare helps you manage chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, ensuring that it does not affect your daily life.

  • Record symptoms and health readings
  • Limit frequent trips to the hospital
  • Helping you deal with changes in your health
Online arthritis and inflammation care

Manage your health with ContinuousCare

Record symptoms and health readings

Effective RA management requires periodic health checkups, to assess your health. Now you can record health reports and readings (ESR, CRP and CBC) as well as information about your symptoms (pain, joint stiffness) in your Personal Health Records (PHR) and keep track of your health.

Online doctor consultations and care for rheumatoid arthritis
Get personalised online care by doctors for RA

Limit frequent trips to the hospital

Never miss your doctor's appointment because of a flare up. With ContinuousCare, your doctor is available to support you remotely, reducing the need for followup visits to the hospital. Share PHR readings, get answers to your health questions and even have your health monitored by your doctor continuously.

Helping you deal with changes in your health

RA symptoms often vary based on your lifestyle, environment and health. With PHR and Remote Monitoring, ContinuousCare helps you and your doctors identify factors that trigger your RA symptoms, thereby helping define the best strategy to effectively manage your health.

Online followups with doctors for rheumatoid arthritis

Your doctor's care is always at hand

Your doctor's care is never too far away, with the ContinuousCare mobile app. Share health reports, Ask questions and Update your PHR through your smartphone.

Manage rheumatoid arthritis and monitor symptoms on the mobile

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