ContinuousCare for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

ContinuousCare offers new hope for those suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Get the best care for your health, with regular updates and monitoring from your doctors, even between clinic visits.

  • Track your health with pulmonary trackers
  • Online consultations and support from your doctors
  • Remote health monitoring for COPD
Personalised COPD care online by your doctors

Manage your health with ContinuousCare

Manage COPD symptoms and health parameters

Just like periodic health checkups, track and record your health parameters such as Peak Expiratory Flow, Respiratory Rate, Oxygen levels and more, from your home monitoring devices or diagnostic test reports. Maintain your Personal Health Record (PHR) online and conveniently share them with your doctors.

Online doctor consultations and care for lung disease
Get personalised COPD care by doctors online

Your doctors can monitor your health remotely

With Remote Monitoring, your doctors can monitor your COPD with personalised care plans. Continuous long term monitoring can help your doctors assess your illness, its progression and accordingly make informed decisions on your treatment regimen and medication.

See Remote Monitoring plans for lung disease and COPD.

Get support and health advice from your doctors

Concerns about shortness of breath, flare-ups or medications? Don't wait to book an appointment. Ask health questions or carry out video consultations and get reliable answers to your health-related queries online.

Ask a question or Schedule a Video Consultation today.

Continuous health monitoring for COPD patients

COPD care with ContinuousCare on the mobile

Travelling to your doctor's clinic may not be possible always. But now you'll never have to compromise on your health. Connect with your doctor on the ContinuousCare mobile app.

COPD care by your own doctors on the mobile

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