Managing cardiovascular conditions and living with heart disease

Managing heart disease involves having to make lifestyle changes, getting regular check ups and keeping track of your health. ContinuousCare helps you manage your cardiovascular condition and provides you with easy access to your doctors.

  • Personal cardiac health information in one secure location
  • Regular follow-ups with your doctors on the web or mobile
  • Preventive care for those at high-risk
Online heart care for cardiovascular disease by your doctors

Manage your health with ContinuousCare

Cardiac care between hospital visits

ContinuousCare helps you track parameters like blood pressure, INR values, pulse, report symptoms (like pain) and update information from lab tests (cholesterol) with the Personal Health Record (PHR). Set goals, maintain a health journal and stay committed to your care with Remote Monitoring plans.

Learn more about Remote Monitoring and how it can help you

Online doctor consultations and care for heart disease
Get personalised online cardiac care by doctors

Better awareness about your cardiac health

Self-awareness and proactive health management can keep heart disease at bay. If you have a family history of cardiovascular problems or at risk of developing heart problems, ContinuousCare can help you monitor your health (with your doctor's support) to ensure you stay heart healthy.

Regular follow-ups with your doctors get easier

Periodic health check ups are a must for heart patients and those at risk of developing heart problems. Now you can update blood test reports, health readings from monitoring devices and mobile apps and share them with your doctors instantly. Get your health reviewed remotely and receive alerts from your doctors if your health readings cross the normal range.

Also get health questions answered by your doctors with Ask a Question or Video Consultations

Online followups with doctors for heart disease

Complete cardiac care on the mobile

Ask health questions, share health reports, update health information and stay connected with your doctors on the mobile, with the ContinuousCare mobile app.

COMING SOON ContinuousCare integrates information from your heart monitoring devices and other health apps directly into the PHR, making it easier to save all your health information in one secure accessible place.

Cardiovascular care by your own doctors on the mobile

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