Helping you cope with cancer

A cancer diagnosis can quite literally change a person's life, both mentally and physically. With ContinuousCare, you can be assured of personalised care and support from your healthcare team, helping you cope with cancer, its treatment and ensuing care.

  • Virtual consultations and follow-ups with your doctors
  • Continuous health monitoring during cancer treatment
  • Medical advice and support from your doctors
Personalised cancer care online by your doctors

Manage your health with ContinuousCare

Online cancer care from your doctors

Engage with doctors from your healthcare team (physician, surgeon, radiologist, counsellor) to help support you during your treatment. Whether it's a side-effect of chemotherapy, questions about post-surgery care or lifestyle changes, ask your health questions online and consult your doctors through online video consultations.

Online doctor consultations and cancer care
Receive personalised cancer care by doctors online

Track your health periodically

Keep track of your health with Personal Health Record (PHR). Health trackers on the PHR help you report symptoms and vital parameters (blood pressure, pulse etc). Results from your diagnostic tests- blood test (CBC, haemoglobin) kidney function test (BUN, creatinine, electrolytes), liver or thyroid function tests can be recorded, for personal use or for Remote Monitoring plans.

Continuous cancer care and monitoring

With Remote Monitoring, your doctors (or team of doctors) can prescribe personalised care plans based on your cancer, course of treatment and health condition. Useful for both patients and cancer survivors, update your PHR based on your plan and keep your doctor informed about your health at all times.

Continuous health monitoring for cancer patients
Online health information on cancer by doctors

Heal with the Health Journal

According to new studies you can reduce stress by writing about how you feel, physically and emotionally. Health journal logs help you document your journey, while also providing therapeutic relief. Maintain a personal journal, which you can choose to share with your doctors or counsellors.

Cancer care with ContinuousCare on the mobile

The ContinuousCare mobile app is a handy way for you to keep in touch with your team of doctors and track your health, through the challenging days and the good ones. Report your symptoms, health readings and have your health monitored by your own doctors.

Cancer care by your own doctors on the mobile

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