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No.375, Behind Adigas Hotel, 42nd Cross,
, Jayanagar 8th Block

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Remote Monitoring

Get your health data continuously monitored by subscribing to the remote monitoring plans below.

Get your healthMonitored Continuously

  • 1Log health readings and reports based on your care plan
  • 2The doctor reviews your readings and provides feedback
  • 3Receive a notification when your doctor responds
Health monitoring is a huge relief for me as I know that my doctor is continuously monitoring my health and can support me through my treatment. Definitely one of the best aspects about ContinuousCare! - Mrs. Anika Balasubramanium
Online Diabetes Care
Online Diabetes Care This service is meant for acute diabetic patients who require constant monitoring of their blood sugar levels and insulin intake. Good control of blood glucose levels improves the outcomes in patients with either type I or type 2 diabetes.
Monitoring health trackers

On subscribing to this package, you will be required to report the test readings for the following trackers.

Trackers Reporting by Patient ** Frequency of Monitoring and Review
Blood Sugar Fasting and post-meal blood sugars to be reported daily or at minimum twice a week Feedback will be sent for the readings coming in
Weight Once for a month Feedback will be sent for the readings coming in
Blood Pressure Once a week Feedback will be sent for the readings coming in
HbA1c Once in 3 months Feedback will be sent for the readings coming in
** General Instructions to Patients
  1. In cases of any emergency, please report to the nearest hospital immediately.
Package Subscription PlansYou can select your duration of health data monitoring by choosing one of the following plans
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About Madhumeha Diabetes Center

Madhumeha Healthcare (mh) focuses exclusively on creating a culture of health and wellness for organizations, employees and their families by designing and implementing comprehensive, innovative and outcome based health and wellness (h & w) strategy for clients across all segments of industry like manufacturing, services and R&D. We specially focus on helping our clients effectively manage and control the biggest lifestyle illness of our times – Diabetes. We constantly benchmark and imbibe global best practices to deliver the latest and most effective solutions. We provide regular and effective learning opportunities to our team to deliver consistent quality.

Specialisations of Madhumeha Diabetes Center

Internal Medicine




  • Indoor Air Quality
  • First Aid, Basic Life Support, AEDs
  • Comprehensive Medical Advise
  • Twelve component based Wellness program for employees
  • Engagement with families
  • Cafeteria Hygiene
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Medical surveillance & Biological monitoring
  • On Site Clinic for emergency and routine clinical care
  • Proactive health: Health Checks and vaccinations
  • Ergonomics Risk Assessment
  • Develop policies & processes for employee health services
  • Ergonomics: Office and Plant
  • Executive health, Stress Management, Tobacco Cessation
  • Workplace Exposures to physical, chemical and biological agents
  • Measurable outcome: Health related absence and cost
  • Benefits design & Business Continuity planning
  • Ergonomic concern handling process
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Youngest diabetologist award - 2010


Very good centre with reasonably nice response and assurance to the patients.

- Satish, Bangalore

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