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Your doctor puts you on a personalised monitoring plan that requires you to use one or more health trackers, which could include your vital signs, test readings, food intake, symptoms and other relevant factors. You can either use the ContinuousCare mobile app or log into your doctor's Virtual Practice to do this.

You log your health readings into trackers as often as you need to, following doctor's instructions.

Your doctor is notified whenever you update your trackers. The doctor will review your health data at agreed timings.

You will know when your doctor has reviewed your readings and also whether there is any feedback for you to act on.

Monitoring Timeline

Observing your health variations over time helps your doctor to arrive at useful conclusions about your health condition and treatment regimen. It also helps you figure out how changes in your medication, diet and behaviour impact your health.

Personalised Threshold Alerts

Patients need treatment personalised to their individual needs. Your doctor may set personalised threshold ranges for your trackers, resulting in special alerts being raised to both your doctor and you, if your readings are out of this range.

How Do I Get Started ?

If you think your health would benefit from remote health monitoring, discuss it with your doctor.
All your doctor needs is a Virtual Practice. It's free and it takes a minute to sign up.

What is a Virtual Practice

..and why does my doctor need one
A Virtual Practice is an easy-to use mobile and web app for healthcare providers, to stay connected with their patients.


With it your doctors can

Remotely Monitor Your Health

Answer Your Health Questions

Support Video Consultations

Manage Your Appointments

Accept Online Payments


Some Healthcare Providers Supporting Remote Monitoring for their Patients

Hemadivakar VIEW MONITORING PLANS Dr. Hema Divakar
Gynaecologist & Obstetrician
Hemkumar VIEW MONITORING PLANS Dr. Jayakrishnan B
Consultant Physician And Diabetologist
Lakshmi VIEW MONITORING PLANS Dr. Lakshmi Lavanya Alapati
Senior Consultant - Endocrinology and Diabetes
Ashwin VIEW MONITORING PLANS Dr. Ashwin Kumar Aiyangar
Consultant Nephrologist & Transplant Physician
providence VIEW MONITORING PLANS Providence Endocrine & Diabetes Specialty Centre
Endocrine & Diabetes Specialty Centre
Santhwana VIEW MONITORING PLANS Santhwana Eye and Diabetic Clinic
Eye and Diabetes Clinic
lords VIEW MONITORING PLANS Lords Hospital
Multi specialty medical center with advanced keyhole surgical facilities
Raghunath VIEW MONITORING PLANS Dr. Raghunath B V
Minimally Invasive Pediatric Surgeon
Hemkumar VIEW MONITORING PLANS Dr. T. R Hemkumar
Consultant Physician & Diabetologist
Earth Ayurveda VIEW MONITORING PLANS Earth Ayurveda hospital
Multi-Specialty Ayurveda Hospital
Amitabh VIEW MONITORING PLANS Dr. Amitabh Yaduvanshi
Senior Interventional Cardiologist
New Delhi
Meenakshi VIEW MONITORING PLANS Dr. Meenakshi Jain
Senior Consultant Physician and Diabetologist
Ashwin VIEW MONITORING PLANS Dr. Ashwin. M. Daware
Interventional Cardiologist
National VIEW MONITORING PLANS Lokhande's Healthcare Pvt Ltd
General Medicine, Palliative and Geriatric Care
Ashwin VIEW MONITORING PLANS Dr. Nischal krishnappa
Professor in Surgery
New Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remote Monitoring?

  • Have you ever wished that you could share your latest health readings, symptoms, diet chart etc with your doctor and receive feedback, even between clinic visits? Remote Monitoring helps you and your doctor to do just that. Your doctor can set up a simple monitoring plan for you outlining what readings and information you should log and when. On receiving your health updates, your doctor can review this and send you feedback on how you are doing and any changes you need to make in your health care. Your doctor can also set personalised thresholds for you, so that both the doctor and you are alerted if something is out of a safe range.


Why would I need Remote Monitoring?

  • For patients with long term illnesses, this is a convenient and effective way to stay on track with your treatment which often includes diet, medication and routine changes that aren't easy to stick with. It also helps your doctor to note variations in your health condition that might otherwise go unnoticed. It is also useful for people with a short term problem that however needs frequent monitoring for while, after you leave the hospital.


I think Remote Monitoring might be useful for managing my health. How do I get started?

  • It's simple - as a patient, all you need is the free Continuous Care app from NeedStreet. (Sign up to use the web version or download the Android or iOS apps). And all that your doctor needs is a Virtual Practice - our application for healthcare providers - it's free to set up and only takes a few minutes to have up and running. Once your doctor has set up a Virtual Practice and has added you as a patient, setting up a personalised patient monitoring plan for you can be done in a few clicks, by choosing the right set of health trackers and adding any relevant instructions. If your doctor already has a Virtual Practice, he might already have set up some patient monitoring plans (for patients with similar health conditions), that you could join.


I have multiple illnesses and am consulting different doctors for them. Can I have different doctors monitoring me?

  • Yes. For instance, a diabetes patient who is also on anti-coagulants, can have have his endocrinologist monitor his blood glucose levels, insulin intake and blood pressure, while his cardiologist simultaneously monitors his INR, blood pressure and other factors. The great thing is that the patient only has to log his health data once (through the Continuous Care app) and both his doctors get to view this simultaneously (if they are monitoring it). However their individual feedback to the patient is completely private.


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